Verba++ is a translation agency offering a wide range of localization services, specializing in English to Italian and Italian to English. We are, therefore, a single language agency. If you are entering or already established in Italian or English speaking markets, and have content to translate of any kind, we can help you. We are industry veterans with several years of expertise producing translation and localization work of the highest quality, for a variety of industry and vertical markets.

Thanks to a thorough preparation and state-of-the-art technical equipment, as well as an established network of experienced linguists selected by their area of expertise, Verba++ can assure fast delivery of high quality specialized translations in various fields.

In addition to the technical aspect of our work, you can count at the same time on the best and most appropriate style.


Focusing only on two language combinations, our mission is to provide high quality, specialized and flexible localization services to our clients on schedule, within budget, and with peculiar attention to details.



In today's fast-paced global economy, clear and unambiguous international communication is more important than ever. Clear communication is hard enough even between native speakers. Translating is a real challenge because it requires not only linguistic tasks, but also a cultural and social knowledge of the target language's country. If you want to compete in today's digital, global marketplace, however, you must  communicate  successfully  in  the languange of
your target audience. Failure to do so represents a risk of drastic business reduction. Straight translation is not enough. The language needs to be accurate and to flow naturally. Our goal is to make the reader at home with a text that was thought and written in a different language while ensuring that your contents are clearly understood. We strike a balance between fidelity to the source text and readability in the target language. This is challenging especially when performed under deadlines and budget pressure. We appreciate this very challenge and make it part of our mission and philosophy.
If you have any questions, please contact us. We will be glad to discuss your translation, localization, and interpretation needs, and to provide you a free quote.